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Training Project Risk Management Pembangunan gedung kantor, pembangunan dan perluasan pabrik, pengadaan dan penggantian peralatan mesin,  pengembangan sistem dan jaringan distribusi serta pengembangan sistem dan aplikasi teknologi informasi merupakan bagian dari proyek-proyek investasi yang umum dijalankan perusahaan. Proyek-proyek dimaksud mempunyai arti yang sangat penting dalam berbagai aspek bagi perusahaan. Pertama, […]

Pelatihan Project Risk Management

Project and Program Managers Training Your project may be the most effectively planned and managed, but if it doesn’t deliver a high quality product that meets the needs of the customer, you haven’t succeeded. Learn how to develop a quality management plan. Using the Goal publication, explore process mapping, building […]

Pelatihan Project and Program Managers

Project Management Office Training GET THE SKILLS YOU NEED IN THESE CHALLENGING TIMES! Attendees will learn to apply the people skills of project management to motivate and empower their people; anticipate project problems; make project decisions faster, more effectively, and more confidently than ever; and optimize their use of project […]

Pelatihan Project Management Office

Manage Project Stakeholders Training Manage project stakeholders and requirements to deliver satisfying solutions to the customer. Eighty percent of project failures can be traced back to the scope definition process – including poor stakeholder analysis and project sponsor management. Gathering requirements, managing scope, and meeting customer expectations are a major […]

Pelatihan Manage Project Stakeholders and Scope Management

Project Risk Management Training Memahami metode yang lebih efektif dalam menangani multi-proyek dan mempelajari cara-cara untuk melihat proyek-proyek Anda dari berbagai perspektif. Dari sisi strategis untuk analisis risiko, Anda akan melihat cara terbaik dalam menangani berbagai hambatan dalam pengelolaan multi-proyek ini. Course Benefit of Project Risk Management ?  Keep projects […]

Pelatihan Project Risk Management

Project Risk Management Training This seminar provides you with high-level planning, monitoring and control techniques that enable you to align diverse organizational needs, develop better business practices and bring projects to successful completion. Learn how to effectively apply technical tools and gain the knowledge that can help you increase the […]

Pelatihan Project Risk Management

 Pelatihan Enterprise Financial Management Cost over-runs average about 56% of original budgets! Some of the culprits: Poor estimates. Unrealistic budgets, ROI falling short of expectations, just plain poor financial management. Sound familiar? The good news is that seminar gives you a better understanding of the cost management aspect of managing […]

Enterprise Financial Management Concepts Training

Pelatihan Optimize your Portfolio of Projects for Maximum Success! At its best, project management helps projects get done right — but project portfolio management makes sure the right projects get done in the first place. This practical, interactive seminar focuses on the key functions of portfolio management, and offers a […]

Pelatihan Project Portofolio Management

Project Leaders Training Master the skills that can help you build  team commitment and create a more predictable project environment. By communicating more effectively with everyone involved in the project managers, team members, stakeholders and clients you’ll minimize, if not eliminate, the unexpected bumps in project execution and be able […]

Pelatihan Master Skill for Project Leaders

Training Project Management  for Professional Administrative Deskripsi Pelatihan Project Management Pada pelatihan yang spesial ini peserta akan belajar tentang peran manajer proyek, bagaimana merencanakan sebuah proyek, bagaimana membangun dan menggunakan kekuasaan untuk menyelesaikan sesuatu, serta bagaimana mendapatkan kerjasama dan membangun kerja sama tim. Apakah ada keuntungan untuk belajar manajemen proyek […]

Pelatihan Project Management