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TRAINING SOFTWARE TRAINING SOFTWARE PROJECT TRAINING SOFTWARE PROJECT MANAGEMENT   DESKRIPSI TRAINING PROYEK SOFTWARE There is a wealth of information on project management. But unfortunately, we have come to realise that only a small fraction applies to software project management. This training is about new practices and new ideas project […]


TRAINING COMPUTER FORENSICS PELATIHAN INFORMATION SYSTEMS AUDITING TRAINING COMPUTER FORENSICS DAN INFORMATION SYSTEMS AUDITING     DESKRIPSI PELATIHAN AUDITING INFORMATION SYSTEM   Computer forensics is the process of extracting information and data from digital storage media using court validated tools and technology and proven forensic best practices to establish its […]


Training Desain Produk Dengan SolidWork Deskripsi Pelatihan Desain Produk Dengan SolidWork Membuat gambar desain atau model 3 dimensi (3D) kadang nampak menakutkan bagi sebagian orang. Mereka menganggap pekerjaan tersebut sangat sulit dan hanya bisa dilakukan oleh orang yang benar-benar ahli. Padahal jika dipelajari, tidak ada hal yang sulit dan tidak […]

Pelatihan Desain Produk Dengan SolidWork

Training Technopreneurship Deskripsi Pelatihan Technopreneurship Istilah technopreneurship lebih mengacu pada pemanfaatan Teknologi informasi untuk pengembangan wirausaha. Karena kita telah ketahui teknologi saat ini sangat maju dan akan terus berkembang mengikuti zaman. Akan memudahkan dalam pengembangan suatu wirausaha. Technopreneurship merupakan suatu upaya dalam membuat bisnis dengan berbasis IT, sehingga diharapkan pergerakan […]

Pelatihan Technopreneurship

Pelatihan Use Microsoft Project For Project Planning and Reporting In today’s very demanding project environment, you could use all the support you need. This tool-based course provides the crucial training required to effectively customize and apply this PM-dedicated software to planning and controlling your entire project management life cycle, enhancing […]

Pelatihan Learn How To Use Microsoft Project (Popular Software)

IT Asset Management Training Description Of Pelatihan The IT Asset Management The IT Asset Management course is designed specifically for the executives in the organization and for those who have asset management responsibilities.  This course teaches the participants the methods in identifying all aspects as related to IT assets management, […]

Pelatihan The IT Asset Management

Pelatihan  IT Risk Management This course deals with how IT helps to achieve an appropriate balance between realizing opportunities for gains while minimizing losses. It is an integral part of good management practice and an essential element of good corporate governance. It is an iterative process consisting of steps that, […]

IT Risk Management Training

The Information Technology Cost Management Training Discription Of Cost Management Of IT The Information Technology Cost Management course is suited to IT people placed in the role as IT cost manager who have been performing the role for some time but have never received any formal training. The course is […]

Pelatihan The Information Technology Cost Management

Training IT Report Management Description IT Report Management Training This course will offer an overview and implementation of IT Report Management. Thecourse is designed and  based on the perspective of improving report delivery, which is one metric of an IT Report Management success; and practically it is an important measure. […]

Pelatihan IT Report Management

Training IT Problem Analysis and Management Description Training IT Problem Analysis and Management The purpose of IT Problem Analysis and Management course is to deliver competency and assures that participants have gained knowledge of the terminology, structure and basic concepts of IT Problem Analysis and Management and Incident Management which […]

Pelatihan The purpose of IT Problem Analysis and Management